Meet new friends by postcard
Other cultures, strange languages and new friendships are just a postcard away. PenPal matches you with new Pals and helps you create personalized postcards entirely online. We print and mail your postcard without ever revealing your address.
Make meaningful friendships one postcard at a time
Meet friends
Make meaningful connections exchanging real postcards with new penpals. As the years go by, you build up a collection of memories from true friends.
Receive personalized postcards
Feel the excitement of opening your mailbox to another postcard. Unexpected and very personal, postcards are completly different than any other gesture these days.
Make meaningful friendships one postcard at a time
Discover new cultures and languages
Share your interests and stories with penpals from all over the world. Travel vicariously and learn about different cultures, languages and traditions.
Privacy in your hands
We send postcards on behalf of every pen pal, so your address is never revealed to anyone.
You create a postcard, and we randomly select a PenPal from far away to receive it.
After sending a postcard, you are eligible to receive one from another, random PenPal.
Add members as friends to directly exchange postcards and become true PenPals.
We send postcards on behalf of every pen pal, so your address is never revealed to anyone
 · Germany
I was feeling lonely back in my hometown after staying abroad for some time. Thankfully, I stumbled upon PenPal by accident. Since then, I can't stop recommending it. With PenPal, I can connect to the whole world and visit amazing places by writing to people around the globe. I've made friends thousands of miles away and was actually able to learn some Spanish while doing that! I'm truly greatful to be part of the PenPal community.
 · Philippines
In this world of instant messaging, writing postcards gives me a way to relax and switch off. I've been an active postcrossing member, but with PenPal I love to put a personal picture on my postcard and tell the story behind it. I feel that way more thought and creativity flow into the postcard compared to sending a message on my phone. Thank you, PenPal, for giving me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and share my joy of writing and snail mail. Here's to many more letters!
 · Germany
PenPal has made my life a little more exciting and the postcards give me something to look forward to. It always puts a smile on my face when I open the mailbox and see another card. It didn't took long until I was talking to a few people around the world. I've made a truly great friend in Spain. He's halfway across the world and I feel closer to him than most people. We talk about our many interests and share experiences of our day to day lives. I hope everyone can find someone they feel this close to.