How it works

How it works

Ever heard of nice post? It’s the kind of mail you actually like receiving. The short story: that’s what PenPal is all about.

Pals are part of a global community connected to each other through a love of cultures, new friendships, writing - and of course receiving nice post.

Once upon a time, you would’ve had to:

  1. Take up a pen
  2. Write to your pal
  3. Walk to the post office
  4. Buy a stamp
  5. And wait for weeks for a reply which would let you know IF your card came.

Yeah… Not anymore. Now you get to make international new friends with shared interests via postcards, without having to leave the house, share your private address or compromise on a postcard design.

PenPal matches you with new Pals, helps you create your postcard entirely online with your own photos and takes care of the rest. Your postcard gets printed, stamped and handed to the post within 24 hours before being sent to your Pal’s encrypted address.

Your privacy is in your hands. Your address, name and personal details will never be revealed over our platform.

PenPal works in partnership with MyPostcard to send printed postcards efficiently.

You create a postcard, and we randomly select a PenPal from far away to receive it.
After sending a postcard, you are eligible to receive one from another, random PenPal.
Add members as friends to directly exchange postcards and become true PenPals.
We send postcards on behalf of every pen pal, so your address is never revealed to anyone