Community Guidelines
PenPal Community Guidelines
Build real connections with new friends across the world - one postcard at a time with PenPal.
These Community Guidelines help keep us PenPals happy and respectful to each other. Ignoring the guidelines or our Terms of Service could result in your account being deactivated.
Being an upstanding PenPal... 😌
Send your postcard

Once you’re matched, make sure to actually send a postcard as soon as you can. Your PenPal is waiting

Write your postcard

Fun postcard topics include... you! Where you’re from and what you do; your dreams, your kids, your hopes and so on. Also fun: anything mentioned in your PenPal’s profile.

Less fun postcard topics include politics, religion and money. Please avoid them.

Choose your language

Your safest bet is English. But if you’re matched with someone who speaks your language or a language you know, go for it!

Be nice

Be respectful of other cultures, beliefs, ways of thinking, opinions, ages, backgrounds and everything else.

Don't be TOO nice

Noticed a PenPal who is ignoring these community guidelines and being unkind, rude or disrespectful? Report it ASAP.

Make the most of your profile

Fill out everything you’d like a PenPal to know about you before they send you a postcard.

Receiving your postcard
Your postcard arrived!

Yay! Now make sure to mark it as received so that your PenPal if free to send another.

Enjoy it...

And feel free to share the experience with friends! 💌

Using your account
It's personal

Use your account for personal and non-corporate use only.

There's only one of you

So please only make one account.

You're a teen (or a teen at heart)

Please only make an account if you are 13 or older.

We like teaching!

If you want to set up profiles for your school class, then save yourself the hassle. Just come straight to us with the request and we'll sort you out.

The post
Your postal expectations

The postal system in each country is very different. While in some countries, postcards will come within just a couple of days, others could take weeks. The key takeaway being - don’t stress if your postcard has not been received as quickly as you hoped.

But if it takes longer than 30 days, get in contact with us at to have the postcard resent (for free).

Still got questions? Take a look at our FAQ.